Socially conscious, alternative record label, management, promoter, media company and artist collective. Manchester, England. Est. 2009.


Originally formed in 2012 by front man and producer Dr Magic, Syd.31 was borne of the desire to create an exciting band that he, as a fan, would love to watch. Bored of paying big bucks to watch formulaic bands; he decided to merge his love of hardcore punk, industrial metal and sickly sweet pop music to create angry, powerful anthems design to connect with freaks, weirdos and outsiders. Shortly afterwards a live band was assembled by recruiting the band's original drummer Liam C and Dani Graves on samples and vox; hit the road and has never looked back.

After a few live shows and via word of mouth alone, Syd.31 began playing headline shows at underground venues across the UK, being booked on the strength of their live performances alone. In early 2014 even before releasing a proper demo, the band were discovered, loved and promptly signed by the then fledgling Manchester label AnalogueTrash.

May 2014 saw the release of the band's first EP Start a War; solidifying the band's sound and ethos as the opening lines of track one see Dr Magic barking instructions to "Dance! Dance! Dance" at the listener - and dance people did. A year and a half of live shows across the length and breadth of the UK later, the band released their second EP Drowning in Air. Described the Louder Than War magazine as 'the real punk of the present', Drowning in Air's release saw the band hit the perfect mix of rage, politics, energy and of course fun.

While touring Drowning in Air in early 2016, the band expanded to a four piece and changed line up as Liam C. retired to go travelling and Dr Magic and Dani Graves were joined by Charlotte on lead guitar and Kara Wolf on drums.

March 2017 sees the release of the band's first, full length album The Last Punks on Earth which has already received high praise from reviewers, DJs and fans alike. A very different animal to their earlier, more polished electronic sound; The Last Punks on Earth sees the band retaliate against the current political and international climate via 10 tracks of gritty, angry, anthems laced with drum & bass, UK82 era punk energy and electro. Very much the album that Syd.31 needed to make; their debut full length release will be accompanied by a series of live shows and a UK tour towards the end of the year.

The band describe themselves as leather clad, pro-Queer, industrial punks, who like to dress up and get messy. They share make up, argue over camera angles and get cross over game endings. They buy fake blood in bulk and grew up watching far too much Mad Max to be considered healthy. They are fiercely political, and always anti-fascist.

Syd.31 are probably playing a gig near you very soon.