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Trench Run is a one-man synthrock band founded in Toronto by Andrew Hunter. Inspired by 70s disco, 80s new wave and 90s industrial rock, Trench Run is pulsing dance floor rhythms, dense electronic soundscapes and hook-fuelled songs about life in the machine.

In 2002, under his Trench Run alias, Andrew wrote and recorded his first album, "Atlas of the Human Anatomy". In 2004, with additional stage musicians, Trench Run began playing live shows. A second album, "Industrial Complex", was completed in 2006 and in 2008 Trench Run played live for the final time as Andrew went on to pursue other projects.

2013 saw Andrew compose the musical score for the feature film Mr. Viral, which premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival and was the closing film at the Canadian Film Festival. The score took more than a year to complete and when it was done Andrew began work on a new Trench Run album.

Release of the new album was postponed as Andrew became the new vocalist and co-writer for Atomzero but at long last, Trench Run's latest album Truth Love Battle was unleashed by AnalogueTrash in March 2016.

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