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Goteki - Genesis + Revelations

  • Goteki - Genesis + Revelations


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Goteki - Genesis + Revelations

Originally formed in 2000, Goteki sing songs of sex, death, space, time and robot geishas to a backdrop of intricate, avant-garde electronic music influenced by video games, film scores and new romanticism. Quickly becoming one of the most hotly tipped underground electronic acts in the UK, the band eventually went their separate ways in 2011 to work on solo projects and, in the case of Goteki front man Ross Tregenza, become a high profile sound and music designer in the world of video game audio.

Fast forward to 2017 and Goteki have just announced their long called for reformation and a new album which will be released later in the year by the band’s new label AnalogueTrash. To celebrate, the band is releasing a massive, free digital compilation.

Genesis + Revelations is two albums rolled into one. Standing at a massive 18 remastered tracks; the digital double album contains a selection of classic tracks, remixes, rarities, b-sides and updated material from the band’s 11 year career; making it the perfect prelude to their impending new material.

Track Listing

  1. Phuturist (Echo Image's Stormtrooper Remix)
  2. The Angel's Share
  3. Death Is Not the End
  4. Shoot Me Dead
  5. Metro Deluxe
  6. Silent War
  7. What is Love
  8. Shinjuku Lullaby
  9. Dusk in Desert Rain
  10. Freebird (Apoptygma Berzerk's Extended Disco Mix)
  11. Thug Electro
  12. Snowdrift (Goteki's '84 Stadium Remix)
  13. Burning in the Dark
  14. Take Me To Your Lover (Coloureds remix)
  15. We Can Rebuild You ( Goteki's $6,000,000 Remix )
  16. Song About A Girl
  17. Tin Heart
  18. Avenida Revoluçion (Hymn for those we lost)

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