Various Artists - AnalogueTrash: Label Sampler Vol. 3

  • Various Artists - AnalogueTrash: Label Sampler Vol. 3

Various Artists - AnalogueTrash: Label Sampler Vol. 3

Manchester label AnalogueTrash have released volume 3 of their popular Label Sampler series.

Featuring a selection of new and exclusive tracks and remixes from the label’s diverse roster of artists, Volume 3 of the series includes new material from Syd.31, IIOIOIOII, Neonsol, Advance Factory Acts and more, alongside tracks from newer signings DEF NEON, Room 1985, PreCog, St Lucifer and Goteki.

As a label, promoter and organisation, AnalogueTrash continues to evolve and expand its horizons in terms of genre and audience with 2017 already seeing involvement in several festivals and an ongoing live music residency in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The rest of the year will see new music, new additions to the AnalogueTrash family and a UK tour towards the end of the year. Also of note is the collective’s expansion into new areas with their suite of media and community projects including popular electronic music blog Electronic North, fledgling internet radio station AT Radio and new indie/alternative music blog Bam Thwok which is due to launch later this year.

The Manchester label announced that while their samplers can still be downloaded for free, any sales or streaming royalties gained from all three editions would be donated to Refugee Action – a charity that supports and campaigns for the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK.

Track Listing

  1. Another Day (Radio Edit)
  2. We Are the Freaks (Single Version)
  3. Animal
  4. AWG
  5. Please Stand By
  6. Push the Button
  7. Runner
  8. Feel the Fear (Version)
  9. This Is the Way
  10. Tears From the Night Sky (Nature of Wires Remix)
  11. Towards the Sun (Remix)
  12. Meteor (Vieon Remix)
  13. Defect (Instrumental)
  14. Time is Come (Advance Remix)

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