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Nature of Wires / CountessM - Cyber Rendezvous (+ bonus digital remixes)
£6.00 - £8.00

  • Nature of Wires / CountessM - Cyber Rendezvous (+ bonus digital remixes)


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Nature of Wires / CountessM - Cyber Rendezvous (+ bonus digital remixes)
£6.00 - £8.00

Originally formed in 1986 by Gary Watts and Andrew Stirling-Brown, Hereford-based electronic band Nature of Wires toured regularly until 1994, playing a mixture of covers & originals; self-releasing their debut Modus Operandi album in 1993. In November 2014, Gary began composing music again, later forming an unlikely partnership with Maren Northway, otherwise known as CountessM – a prolific and respected vocalist and lyricist from Fullerton, California.

With only a few single releases officially available, Nature of Wires & CountessM have developed a growing worldwide fanbase, receiving airplay on numerous radio stations including a live performance and feature on BBC Introducing.

July 2016 sees the release of the highly anticipated new album Cyber Rendezvous on Manchester’s AnalogueTrash record label.

Featuring ten brand new tracks, Cyber Rendezvous is the brainchild of two very distinct yet complementary talents. Brooding and uncompromising; stark, brutalist percussion juts menacingly from below ethereal string and synth arrangements, while CountessM’s crooning vocals and poetic lyrics spin intricate tales of subversion, love, longing and betrayal.

A must for fans of Gary Numan, Alien Sex Fiend, Talk Talk, The Knife, and Bat For Lashes.

Cyber Rendezvous is officially released on the 29th of July 2016 and is available from all good digital outlets and on CD in a six panel digipak edition, featuring artwork from Vlad McNeally.

Track Listing

  1. 'Til Tomorrow
  2. Don't Let the Vultures In
  3. While You're Here
  4. Reaction
  5. The Feast on Famine
  6. Cyber Rendezvous
  7. Dance with Your Own Skeletons
  8. We Kill All
  9. Perfect Menagerie
  10. Beguiled of Fertility
  11. Til Tomorrow (IlluminVTY Remix)
  12. Don't Let the Vultures In (cyclic db Remix)
  13. While You're Here (Machine Rox Remix)
  14. Reaction (Real Experts Know Best Remix)
  15. The Feast on Famine (PreCog Remix)
  16. Cyber Rendezvous (David Burdick Remix)
  17. Dance with your Own Skeletons (Massive Ego Remix)
  18. We Kill All (MY.COSMO Remix)
  19. Perfect Menagerie (Jonteknik Remix)
  20. Beguiled of Fertility (Vieon Remix)
  21. Don't Let the Vultures In (IlluminVTY Remix)
  22. Cyber Rendezvous (Ruinizer Mix)
  23. Time is Come (Advance Remix)

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