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PreCog - Are We Lost?

  • PreCog - Are We Lost?


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PreCog - Are We Lost?

Based in Nashville, Tennessee and formed in late 2015, dark electronic maestros PreCog have been at the forefront of the city’s underground electronic movement since before the band’s inception; with all three current band members bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Originally released in early 2016, Are We Lost? offers up 14 slices of brooding, melodic electropop with a reflective edge. The band themselves describe the themes and motivations for the album:

"Our debut album really ventures into the inner workings of our consciousness. Reminding us that there is always a struggle going on between good and evil. Whether it’s a battle with those around us or just the battle with the monsters that live inside you - it’s always a fight to survive."

Enigmatic synth work, beautiful orchestral atmospheres and emotive piano arrangements combine with Jason Thomas’ expressive vocal delivery, culminating in an album that is cautiously optimistic; shining a light on the darkest parts of the human psyche while offering a message of hope to the lost and desperate.

Track Listing

  1. Escape
  2. Left in the Earth
  3. Little Fragments
  4. Are We Lost
  5. Feast
  6. Little Devil
  7. Monster
  8. The Game
  9. Dig In
  10. Give It Away
  11. Breathe
  12. Broken Sun
  13. Filthy Pig
  14. Find Peace (Silence the Seas)

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