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Vieon - Live in Manchester

  • Vieon - Live in Manchester


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Vieon - Live in Manchester

Recorded live at AnalogueTrash’s 8th Birthday event in June 2017, Vieon: Live in Manchester contains their full 45 minute performance; including currently unreleased material, a spectacular live cover of Jarre’s Equinoxe Pt. 4 and crowd favourites Fly By Light, Starfighter and Proteus.

Track Listing

  1. Countdown (Live)
  2. High Concept (Live)
  3. Fly By Light (Live)
  4. Proteus (Live)
  5. Meteor (Live)
  6. Extant (Live)
  7. Rise (Live)
  8. Transmission (Live)
  9. Equinoxe Pt. 4 (Live)
  10. Starfighter (Live)

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