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  • STOCKSNSKINS - Them Today

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STOCKSNSKINS are Ade on vocals and Rich on bass. Based in Bournemouth, they came together in May 2016 to write about and perform socially awkward, topical life stories and experiences, laying relatable lyrics over electronic beats and synth mixes, with Rich's bass lines bringing it all together. Inspired by post-punk legends like Joy Division, The Fall, New Order and The Cure, STOCKSNSKINS create electronic beat poetry with a difference that sits confidently outside the mainstream - telling stories with poetic spoken word and sung vocals.

The title track opens with hypnotic electronic beats that the band playfully describe as ‘a Poundland LCD Soundsystem’, while the eye-opening lyrics speak of homelessness, invisibility and apathy in the UK. Stepped Off a Train brings the band’s lyrical honesty and storytelling to the fore, as a dub-inspired arrangement carries a tale of love and missed opportunities. Final track Isle of Great Britain highlights the band’s punk influences perfectly, reflecting the current zeitgeist and painting pictures of working class inner city living through STOCKSNSKINS’ eyes.

Track Listing

  1. Them Today
  2. Stepped Off a Train
  3. Isle of Great Brit

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