About //

AnalogueTrash is an independent record label, management and promotions company run by Adrian Brian Thompson and Mark Buckley (hello!), based in Manchester, England. We launched AnalogueTrash as an eclectic, alternative electronic music club night in spring 2009, having conceived the idea during the latter part of a particularly excellent Covenant gig at Manchester Academy.

Huge fans of alternative and grassroots music in all its forms, full of big ideas, and armed with a healthy dose of idealism, Google and a shoestring budget we put on our first gig and club night in June 2009 in the tiny back room of what was then Moho Live in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

After three and a half years of awesome parties, great experiences and learning about the music and events business as we went along, the AnalogueTrash record label was conceived and launched in late 2013.

Our idea was simple really – a grass-roots, DIY and artist-focused record label that’s eclectic, accessible and inclusive; and one that champions innovative music regardless of genre, subculture, current trend or fashion.

By February 2014 we’d released our first album and before we knew it we had an expanding catalogue of music from a diverse range of local and international artists.

After a while we moved away from our more traditional electronic music club nights in favour of collaborative music and arts festivals, grassroots artist showcases, DIY gigs and more leftfield, alt.queer clubbing affairs.

Not only that, but because we love sharing great music, even if it’s not stuff we’ve put out ourselves, we launched an new music blog and internet radio station in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

AnalogueTrash is 100% independently owned and operated. We’re highly political, pro-queer, pro-feminism, internationalist, pro-multiculturalism, anti-fascist and deeply passionate about the power of music to effect positive social change and bring people together.

We’re constantly striving to make sure our roster, output and ethos reflect those values; and we’re genuine fans of every artist we work with.

Contact //

Feel free to reach out and say hello any time. If you’re looking to submit music to our blog and/or radio station, or a demo to the label, please see the Music Submissions section below.

AnalogueTrash Ltd.
83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ

General Inquiries: hello [at] analoguetrash [dot] com

Licensing //

Our catalogue is licensed via SoundVault. Visit their website to explore our available sync options or, for more information please drop us a line directly.

Distribution //

AnalogueTrash is digitally distributed by Label-Worx. Our physical releases are available directly from us via Bandcamp, or, if you live in Manchester you can pick these up in person from Deco Records in Withington. We also have a store on Discogs.

Music Submissions //

If you’re interested in us releasing your music, playing a set at one of our events or otherwise working together in some way, do get in touch using the details above. Be specific about what you’re asking for, and include streaming links to your music, your social media profiles and a brief bio. Please understand though that we get a ridiculous amount of e-mails and we can’t reply to everyone.

You can send an e-mail over to gary@analoguetrash.co.uk for radio play consideration or mark@analoguetrash.co.uk for blog consideration. If you like, you can also send physical promo to the address above.