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Advance, the dystopian electronica project by Glasgow’s Tom Perrett and Kimberly Copland, have won fans, hearts and minds since debuting with their monumental debut Deus Ex Machina in 2014. Now in 2017 and with two more releases under their belts – a deluxe, remastered version of Deus Ex Machina and their latest EP A Sign of Things to Come; Advance show no signs of slowing down as they continually polish, refine and evolve their trademark mix of upbeat, urgent electropop, soaring vocal hooks and socially conscious lyrics that has earned them fans across the world.

Outside the studio, the band is hailed as one of the most dynamic and engaging live acts in UK electronic music, setting venues alight across the UK with their uplifting and infectious hooks and style, including a career-defining appearance at Resistanz Festival 2015 at the Corporation in Sheffield and countless live shows from Glasgow to London and everywhere in between.

No doubt, Advance will be performing on a stage near you very soon.

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A Sign of Things to Come

Deus Ex Machina [Redux]

Deus Ex Machina