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Archipelago were founded in Mexico City, December 2015 for a one-off track which spiralled into a mini-album (2016’s MMXVI) and now preparing their first full-length, 列島主義 (Rettoushugi, Archipelagoism).

Members are, in alphabetical order by surname, Andrés Claramunt Quiles (born 1969), a former Балетная труппа Большого театра (Russian Bolshoi Ballet) dancer who became a naturalised Spanish citizen in the 80s during the movida madrileña after fleeing the USSR (ask him to show you his scar sometime) then moved to Osaka in 2013, always in search of a more peaceful day-to-day life.

Shannon Victoria Leeman (born 1987) is daughter to the Irish consul for the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and graduated from the Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico City with a double specialism in opera and the four letter J-word.

The two met on site whilst working as stunt doubles/extras for the opening sequence of the James Bond film Spectre. Both members sing and play a lot of instruments, although one member is a considerably better singer than the other whilst the other has rather a longer attention span in terms of being able to stare at computer screens and punch keys.

Recording for Archipelagoism began in 2016 in Osaka – inauspicious beginnings, Andrés just needed a track to play out for a DJ set – but following gigs with Soichi Terada (first Japanese house producer ever, remixed by *the* Larry Levan, remixed Perfume before they were famous, did the Ape Escape soundtrack) and at Kyoto’s legendary Café La Siesta, he found a loving, nurturing family in the Kansai lo-fi house, breakcore and fashion scenes. This reignited a former on-off love affair with musique concrète (more ‘Everything counts’ than Merzbow) and UK rave culture (via Off Me Nut Records) so an e-mail and demos were sent to Shannon who showed her enthusiasm for the material and away-hey-hey we went.

In the very short-term future the duo will be heading to Japan to present their new record in the summer followed by a return to Mexico in the autumn for a few select dates and to work on leftover material for additional single/EP releases towards the end of the year.

Disclaimer: some statements contained within this bio are patently untrue or are subject to opinion but as patently untrue statements and highly biased opinions are en vogue these days (if they were ever hors vogue), we thought we’d shamelessly jump on the bandwagon.


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