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ded.pixel – fully automated luxury gay space rock from Manchester, England.

We are the soundtrack to your civil disobedience. Imagine Giorgio Moroder and David Gilmour battling the Radiophonic Workshop across the streets of Neo Tokyo on Saturday Morning TV, this is the sound of ded.pixel. A collision of the post modern with the dystopian, the irreverent with the deliberate, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We blur the lines between experimental and contemporary electronics and combine it with a pulsing backbone of raw echoing guitars and sparse socio-political lyrics inspired by a world long predicted in literature, and sadly now realised by oligarchs, demogues and plutocrats alike.

Photo by Sean Löwen Photography

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11th of January, 2015
(Digital / CD)

Lost in Everything
17th of May, 2019

23rd of August, 2019