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Murderers is the solo synthwave / post-punk / alternative project of Manchester-based game developer / ex-physicist / human Luke Thompson. Thematically focused on the human condition, Murderers tends towards introspection without shying away from wider commentary.

Originally intending to record reference tracks for live shows in early 2020, Luke’s aims turned to the creation of a record when lockdown hit. The live aesthetic is still a core part of the character of the Murderers sound – raw, low-tech, valuing passion over polish.

Sonically, Murderers is the product of various musical directions suddenly snapping into place to form a cohesive, organic whole. Disparate influences across genres melt into warm, dark, fuzzy but melodic soundscapes. The synthpop sounds of John Maus join harder synthwave influences, with the melancholy of The National set against vocals inspired by new romantic and post-punk.

The upcoming debut tracks represent Luke’s first small but fleshed-out foray into this sound, with much wider exploration already planned. As a project in just its earliest stages, there’s a lot more on the horizon for Murderers.

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4th of December, 2020