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Room 1985 are Sam on vocals and bass; Chris on guitars, synths and keys and John on drums and programming.

This Manchester-based band delivers a driving mix of post-rock electronica with a stunning psychedelic atmosphere. Best described as a mix of 70s era Pink Floyd, classic 80s vibes and a whisper of post rock and metal; all mixed with modern electronic sounds and techniques. Room 1985 combine all these diverse influences into something new and engaging; ready to take your hand, your soul, your brain and your heart on a deep, emotional journey.

Formed in 2016, Room 1985 released their self-titled debut album in July of 2017. It featured 11 original tracks, 4 bonus tracks and a separate 4 track bonus EP. Since the album’s launch the band has toured extensively throughout the UK, playing both headline and support slots with great reactions.

With a second album on the way and new vocalist Sam Stone now a full time member of the band, Room 1985 are preparing for their next worldwide tour.


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The Bliss

Room 1985