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Ok, we could rattle on and bore you to tears about our diverse range of influences, our eclectic smorgasbord of sounds, our incendiary live shows and the fact the four of us were all born in different decades, but we thought we’d leave it to the great American poet Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) to describe St Lucifer. She didn’t know she was talking about St Lucifer at the time, of course, but we think what she said sums us up quite nicely: “Razors pain you, rivers are damp, acids stain you and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful – you might as well live.”

It’s cool if you want us. It’s cool if you hate us. It’s cool if you love us.


St Lucifer formed in October 2015 – Within a month they’d played their first gig – Two months later they’d supported punk-legends Subway Sect, taken over Valentine Records, released a sold out 7″ single (Van Der Lubbe Was Innocent/Do As Little As Possible) and blown up a record store, all in time for Christmas.

Many more anarchic gigs have followed during 2016, with a ‘pause for thought’ over the summer to focus on the recording of their debut album.

A second 7” single Trashorama (with its anarchic video from Elysium Enterprizes’ MorgannaBramah) and a cassette only version of Beowulf followed before a third ‘proper’ single Junk Days– designed to trail the LP proper in December

With tours, festival appearances and plans already being set in motion for ‘post album recording’, you have to wonder exactly how far these four tall (ish), dark (ish), handsome (most certainly) ‘young men’ will take things in 2017…


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Raise the Dead

Music is Violence