Vain Machine

Biography //

Established by Beau Baker and Omar Quinones in 2013. The two met in a chance encounter when Beau answered an ad Omar posted looking for musicians to assist in remixing a single for Omar’s project, ROOM 1202. The remix for the single “Weak” was released and submitted to various clubs and venues. However, while ROOM 1202 dissolved in 2007; the two musicians remained in close contact. After working with other various partners, the duo began pushing forward creating new ideas that formed the core sound of Vain Machine.

In May of 2013, they released their first single “Push” on various websites promoting online and submitting the song to local DJ’s. After receiving a positive response from the goth-industrial scene, momentum to release more material was on its way. “So Much For Fate” is released giving the band an edgier and raw sound and an instrumental track titled “Fade Away” is released to spark for the anticipated wait of the new single “Broken”, which was released the following day before its scheduled release date due to fan excitement and demand.

Starting in November of 2013, Vain Machine begins performing at select venues and locations including the 24th anniversary of local goth-industrial store IpsoFacto and supports the Los Angeles Synth-Pop Society with local band Savi0r. After only a few live shows they were selected to open for De/Vision along with the local synth-pop band, Carved Souls. On September 27th, 2014, Vain Machine opens for industrial icons “Die Krupps” at Bar Sinister in Los Angeles.

Vain Machine signs its first indie label, AnalogueTrash for the release of their debut album. Their debut album titled “Lost” is released in February 2015 featuring 7 tracks and 5 remixes supported by friends the band has met along the way.

Currently, Vain Machine is in process of recording their 2nd album due for release in the fall of 2018.


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I Was Made for Lovin' You