New Music: 9 Theory – Beaches

  • New Music: 9 Theory - Beaches

9 Theory is the solo project of producer, singer/songwriter and recording/mixing engineer, Gabe Lehner. Beaches is the first track to be released from his upcoming second album, Good Morning From A Nuclear Ghost. It’s a gently whispering slice of laid-back electronica, Lehner’s sweet vocals easing themselves over Eastern infused beats and jazzy rhythms.  Check it out.

Though he’s used guest vocalists in the past, Beaches features the vocals of Lehner himself, whilst some extra flavour is added to the track by turntablist Bob Necksnapp and Saxophonist Jesse Molloy.

Speaking about the inspiration for the song, Lehner says Beaches came about after he moved to Los Angeles; ‘this song about a person in a big city getting caught up in the endless grind and hustle of city life when what they are really needing to feel peace is to connect with nature, which in this song is symbolized as beaches specifically’.

Beaches is out now via Elite Frequency Group, and can be streamed on Spotify along with his back catalogue.

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