New Music: A Different Message – Skydiver

Skydiver is the third single from London-based Norwegian duo A Different Message, a track that offers a real club oriented twist to synthpop. Despite it’s upbeat feel, powersynths and angelic vocals, Sara Karoliussen (Drummer / Producer) and An-Magritt Sakgsård (Vocalist / Songwriter) say the track has an important meaning for them, being about freedom and feeling free in a world that is seemingly turning its back on such ideals. It’s a message that continues into the video for Skydiver.

The band are so committed to this message that proceeds from the track are going to A21  in Norway, a charity which works to give ‘a voice to the voiceless’.

Skydiver is out now and can be heard on Spotify and iTunes. You can find out more about the band via the official website, it’s well worth checking out their minimal but mesmerising take on electropop.

The duo have recently played their first gig in London and if you fancy practicing your Norwegian you can find out more about it here!

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