Belgian doctor Gert Stockmans is not only a guitarist but also has a side-line in photographing bands. As part of his outlet between working 30-hour shifts, he reached out to some of his photo subjects – and A Place In Between was born. Check out the nature-themed video for Inspiral below.

Adding a majestic, sweeping aura to a place where doom metal and post-rock meet, Inspiral is perfect sensory overload. It creates a crushing and cinematic sound. Though it has moments of calm, the overall sensation here is of a glacial, overpowering wall of sonic beauty that seems designed to leave you breathless.

Inspiral can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music or downloaded on Bandcamp. The song features Gert Stockmans on guitar, Thomas Francot on guitar and bass, Ruben Vandael on drums, and Sam Coussens on vocals.