Spiky, shouty and ever so sharp but with a subtly seditious edge, the powerful post-punk vibes of Glitch by Absolutely Not is sure to have you jumping up and down to its infectious energy.

With lead vocals that come across like the midnight child of Klaus Nomi and John Lydon, this track was always going to stand out in a crowd so it’s just as well there’s oceans of anger and joy from the rest of the band to match that – a stance they adopt with consummate ease.

Swirling keyboards and increasingly urgent (and loud!) backing vocals add a sense of ‘horror meets sci-fi’ B-Movie anxiety and uncertainty to the song, as if the band might be offering to take you out for a wild night, or maybe just a ride home – either would be fun or frightening in their company.

The lyrics tackle toxic masculinity in a forthright and feisty manner, with the spirit of the Orange Voldemort lurking in the background but with him never allowed to claim victory. You can smash the patriarchy and still have fun along the way!

Lead singer Donnie and his sister Madison (AbNot’s keyboardist/vocalist) also run Glitter Creeps, an inclusive LGBTQ monthly event at Chicago’s Empty Bottle. They had this to say about both the band and the party: ‘The band contains LGBTQ and POC members, the entire band is very supportive of those respective communities – they aim to shred ignorance, and igniting change is a huge part of Absolutely Not and Glitter Creeps’ existence and motivation’.

Glitch is the second single from the band’s new album Problematic, which is out March 1st via No Trend Records – you can find out more about how to pre-order the album here. While you’re waiting for the album to drop, you can listen to more of their music on Spotify.