Since debuting in 2018, Vancouver post-punk outfit ACTORS spent the following 18 months touring the USA, Canada, and Europe, playing Terminus Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Cold Waves, Infest, and more. They’ve had time to record new music as well, including the dark pop of Love U More.

The song wears its influences on its sleeve but isn’t overshadowed by them. Post-punk, dark electro and 80s New Romanticism take hold of the listener, but with a glamourous twist. Think 70s Bowie or Roxy Music meeting Talk Talk or Bauhaus for a midnight rendezvous; Love U More is sophisticated and decadent, a perfect soundtrack for seduction.

Love U More by ACTORS is out now via Artoffact Records to stream or download on all major platforms, including  Spotify and Bandcamp. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to discover more about them and their music.

Photo by Kira Clavell