Soon to be touring the UK, Canadian post-punkers Actors have paid tribute to one of the pioneers of that genre Adrian Borland by covering Mining for Heart from The Sound’s fourth album Heads and Hearts.

It’s very sympathetic to the spirit of the original and even as Actors apply their shimmering, melodic take on the song, the love and respect they have for Borland’s music and the song itself shines through in every note.

The woozy synths are still present, as are the brooding drums, but Jason Corbett’s vocals give the song a more fragile air, teasing out the emotional intensity of the lyrics. Covering such a cult classic may have pitfalls, but here Actors have taken Mining for Heart and for a few minutes in time, made it their own.

Actors will be doing a double header tour of the UK with the fabulous Empathy Test. AT signings The Cowls will be supporting them on the Manchester date so that’ll be a gig to remember!

Actors most recent album It Will Come To You is available on Bandcamp and other digital services.