New Music: Adam Prince King – Witches

Though not his first release, on the basis of Witches alone, it’s fair to say that Adam Prince King  has a very singular musical vision. The track is no respecter of musical boundaries or genres, gleefully pillaging its way through decades of movements and moments then distilling them to give the listener an experience that I can only describe as a voyage in avant-soul.

With echoes of soul, pop, smatterings of Enya, some frosty synths in the mix and the tightest bass and snare you’ll hear outside of trap, those seemingly contradictory sounds somehow fit together around – and probably because of – Adam’s rich vocals. The Vasilisa Forbes directed video for Witches shows that his unique vision applies to the eye as well as the ear, with his fashion sense reinforcing the eccentric originality of the song.

Speaking of Witches he says: ‘It’s my favourite track from the (upcoming self-titled) EP as it has lots of unexpected twists and turns, it’s pop, but there definitely is a wonky element to it.”

Witches will feature on his upcoming self-titled EP, due out later this year via Little Assembly and is now on Soundcloud, you can find out more about streaming the track here, whilst you can hear more from the man himself over on his website.

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