Bury-based musical mayhemists Adventures Of Salvador stand out in a city that was once full of indie musicians that excelled in producing sounds that were individual, original and often full of attitude. Times change, but with Girl With The Broken Face they’re on the track to resurrecting that proud tradition.

The album opener (see above) is a real statement of intent, with a wonderfully Mancunian swagger going on. An anger-fuelled snarl carries a raw resonance worthy of Mark E Smith, carried along on riffs that the Gallaghers can only dream of, but, most of all, there’s an energy and a passion that you can’t resist enjoying. It shows with style that there’s a lot more to Manchester guitar music than the ‘copy of a copy’ 80s and 90s indie that’s prevelant at the moment. And for that we should be grateful!

Girl With The Broken Face is out now via German Shepherd Records and features on the Welcome to Our Village album. You can pick up vinyl copies of the album on Bandcamp, and you can get news about the album and forthcoming live appearances, including an album launch gig in Manchester on 28th June by checking out the band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.