New Music: Adventures of Salvador – Retroman

  • New Music: Adventures of Salvador - Retroman

Describing themselves as ‘Urban Punk-Surf-Rock from the heart of the north west of England’ Adventures of Salvador take Californian scattergun punk and marry it to snarling northern grit with spectacular success on their new track Retroman.

Think of the B-movie, rumbling sexploitation sass of the legendary Cramps in a no holds barred street fight with the blunt yet beloved snark of The Fall or PIL and you get a hint of what’s going on here.

Loud, brash and unapologetic, Nigel Beck’s bass and Dave ‘Loop-aznavour’’ Cordwell’s vocals give the track a wild and impetuous air, as fellow band members, Mark Berry and Mike Smith whip up some primal swamp rock that feels like they should be summoning the dead in some trailer park graveyard.

There’s a lot of art to this as well, as under the leering bravado lies an early post-punk feel, akin to the soul-wrenching sounds of early Nick Cave. Retroman manages to be simultaneously both low and high brow, and therein lies the genius of the track.

The track is out now on Bandcamp and is the first single from the quartet’s upcoming Welcome To Our Village album which will be released via German Shephard Records.

The single will be officially launched as part of the Manchester Meltdown Festival at The Peer Hat, Faraday Street, Manchester on 9th January 2019. The single is a digital download release via Bandcamp and distributed to all major online platforms via AWAL.

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