New Music: Affair – Seance

Some bands can be ahead of their time, or sometimes things don’t quite work as they’d hoped and they can fade from view like the ember in a once bright fire. But the music, memories and love for their legacy can cause the flame to burn anew, which is what has happened with London duo Affair. After a few years on hiatus the band – comprising of Kirsty and Mike – have rekindled their musical project, beginning with the release of Séance, which you can check out below.

It’s a well-timed release, as the last three years and the return of Fever Ray has seen a growing interest in the left-field, darkwave infused Nordic sound that is Affair’s strong point.

Minimal, brooding and slightly atonal, Séance almost dares the listener to not like it, such is its wilful refusal to bend to electronic fads and fancies.

The duo says there be two EPs out in 2018, which show be worth watching out for on the basis of the singular vision shown by Séance. The track is out now, check the link for details for streaming and downloads, you can hear more of their previously released work on Spotify.

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