Brazilian duo Aldo, aka siblings Andre and Mura Faria, say that their new track Papermaze was inspired by their lives in their home town of Sao Paolo. It must be one psychedelic and creative place, judging by the accompanying video!

Inventive and unsettling, Papermaze exists in some bizarre but funky parallel Earth. If Madchester had happened in Brazil and involved more mushrooms than ecstasy, this would be the result. 60s funky beats and a Stone Roses bassline mesh with drowsy electronica and vocals that sound like they were recorded st the end of time, deep, dark and full of emotion. It’s a bit busy and bewildering at times, but I imagine that’s what life in Sao Paolo is like!

Papermaze is out now via Full Time Hobby and will feature on the brother’s Trembling Eyelids EP, which is up for pre-order now. Catch up with the band on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about them and their music.