We’re certainly becoming firm fans of Alex The Astronaut here on the blog. After featuring Lost and Split The Sky, the Australian is back with the heartfelt tribute that is Banksia.

A story of friendship ended early, and friends missed, the song is a wonderful eulogy for a lost loved one. As the arrangement grows and soars, the vocals are full of rage and pain, but also the joy of remembered good times. This is a beautiful and incredibly poignant way to be remembered.

Alex says about the story behind the creation of Banksia, “It’s a song about my friend, Maddie Clarke, who was a beautiful person who passed away too young, notes Lynn. “She was always smiling when I saw her, no one always feels like that, but that’s what she showed me. The song is meant to be turned up and sung as loudly as it can be, even if singing isn’t your strong point.”

You can find out more about how to listen to Banksia as well as pre-saving or pre-adding upcoming album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing by following this link. You can catch up with Alex over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out more about her music, live dates, and more.

Photo by Jess Gleeson