Austrian-Swedish musician Alice Petz has worked with other artists, in radio production, and written music for commercials for companies such as HM and Polestar. Now, she’s putting herself in the limelight, and rather successfully, on new single Iron Blue.

Gossamer-light but carrying a real emotional punch in the lyrics; Iron Blue is on a par with the best work of Frida Sundemo and Susanne Sundfør. Petz has a similar heartfelt, slightly world-weary vocal style, but like those artists, also has a voice that also adds an air of comfort to words of pain, letting you know the sun still exists beyond the clouds.

She says about the song, “Iron Blue is a song about never knowing if something is going to be fine. It’s about that little place inside of you where you gather all your fears and your anxiety. It weighs you down, but at the same time, it makes you feel alive.”

Alice Petz’s Iron Blue is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. You can catch up with Petz on Instagram to find out more about her music, as well as her work with Red Pipe Studios.