New Music: Amethysts – How It Is

  • New Music: Amethysts - How It Is

East Anglian based duo Amethysts serve up yet another sweetly emotive gem on their most recent release, the sublime How It Is. Check out this gorgeous slice of pop below.

The track carries the band’s signature sound, with Clarice’s golden vocals gliding elegantly over the warmest and most enveloping of arrangements. The song is like aural opium, sending the listener on a blissful journey, taking some musical cues from Fleetwood Mac and Empathy Test as it blends electronica and classic rock stylings to create something that tugs at your brain and at your heart.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, the band said: ‘That’s just how it is’ is a phrase that’s thrown around all too easily. You can’t manifest anything positive with negativity. Everything can be changed, anything can be the way you want it to be, if you truly believe in yourself and do something about it. How It Is explores modern life struggles, stigmas and tackling self-doubt”.

How It Is is out now and can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify. Be sure to keep an eye on the band’s social media including Twitter and Facebook for details of upcoming gigs and releases from this dynamic duo, including new song  Imitate Me – the second track from their double A-side release, which is also out now – you can stream it on all major digital platforms including  Spotify.


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