With new music on a new label, master of electronica Amȯn Tȯbin shows that he retains his legendary ability to meld left-field electronica with achingly beautiful melodies, a skill very much to the fore on new track On a Hilltop Sat the Moon.

The track is from his upcoming Fear in a Handful of Dust album – his first in eight years and seventh in total – and feels like a complex but soothing take on the music of Andalusia filtered through a thoroughly future-shocked Japan.

The allegories with the moon itself within the song itself are clear and concise. The rhythms wax and wane in tidal fashion, like waves breaking on the shore of a distant and exotic ocean, gently pulling the listener here and there as if flotsam on an undulating sea, caught up in a sound that is as musically experimental as it emotionally reassuring.

It’s a stunning return for Tȯbin and shows that his musical genius is not only still intact but has managed to reach new heights.

Fear in a Handful of Dust is released April 26th and you can now pre-order it on Bandcamp via Tȯbin’s new label Nomark. Keep up to date with news on the album by checking out his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Photo by Jesse Stage