Swedish duo Andersson & Pettersson show a knack for blending organic and electronic sounds to create blissful yet at times unsettling soundscapes – new single Monster is a case in point.

It’s something they pull off in style on Monster: the intimate vocals are a perfect foil in the stirring guitar melody and rousing indie and electro nuances in the arrangement. Being Scandinavian there’s obviously that knack with a gentle yet engaging hook or two, as well as lyrics that can delve into dark emotional journeys with a light, warm touch.

The duo had this to say about the lyrics of the song: “The Monster in the song is your darkest anxiety. The anxiety you’re alone with, the anxiety you don’t get out of, the one that remains and gets deeper because your ways of removing it only make it worse. You know you’re wrong but can’t do it right. Do you want to do it right?”

Monster is out now, check out Andersson & Pettersson on their Facebook and Instagram accounts for details on downloading and streaming the song, as well as news about upcoming releases and much more.

Photo by Selim Cotal.