New Music: Andreas Pistolelis – Sirens

  • New Music: Andreas Pistolelis - Sirens

Andreas Pistolelis started playing guitar at 8 years old, but he says it was when he was 12 and saw KISS for the first time that he knew his music would feature heavily in his future. However, his new single Sirens isn’t glam rock, it’s far from it in fact.

The mix of electro-rock aesthetic and introspective, soul bearing lyrics is stark but effective, bringing to mind bands as diverse as Linkin Park and Blaqk Audio.

Pistolelis uses the dark, pulsating energy of the arrangement to ram home the open and intense lyrics, pummelling the listener sonically and emotionally. Catchy hooks and an instantly memorable chorus help reinforce the emotional weight of the lyrics, giving the song a perverse yet oddly enjoyable singalong quality.

Pistolelis says about Sirens: “This song tells the honest truth of how it was to follow my own voice. Being stripped of my voice my whole childhood, this song represents the truth that was not allowed to be told. For the last 5 years I’ve tirelessly developed my sound and I have for a long time felt a need to tell my story. Together with my upcoming EP, Sirens and 4 other songs tells my story, Sirens is the start.

Sirens is out now and will also feature on the upcoming 5-track Chapter One, Part Two EP which is due for release later in 2018.

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