New Music: Andrew Applepie – Fantasy Prison

  • New Music: Andrew Applepie - Fantasy Prison

Odd-pop electro producer Andrew Applepie returns with a wonderful stop animation visual and catchy, quirky feel-good single Fantasy Prison. Made up of toy sounds, 8-bit synth sounds and a bewildering array of percussive samples, Fantasy Prison is an electronic ear-worm, all self-produced by Applepie in his Berlin based studio.

Explaining the track and its accompanying video, Applepie says: ‘Fantasy Prison is a song about the complicated relationship of art and its monetization aspect as portrayed by the sad robot in the time synced stop motion video accompanying the song.

It takes you through different atmospheres as the robot and his friends journey through different landscapes amiably crafted with attention to detail leading up to a mean drop and thunderstorm. And of course it ends on a romantic note!’

The multi-instrumental producer fuses the jazz and lo-fi vibes on Fantasy Prison with atmospheric and wondrously shuffled sounds to create something very special. It’s released by Fett Music , one of Berlin’s coolest electronic labels. Check out his website for more info about his music, live events and social media.

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