Kettering, UK, musician Anna Mae Kelly has a voice and talent way beyond her years, if the evidence of her debut single I Want You To Be Here is anything to go by. Listen below to find out more.

With a voice that echoes the rich, emotive tones of Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and Amy Lee, Kelly has a distinctive and powerful vocal presence. If Gothic RNB wasn’t a thing before, it certainly is now thanks to I Want You To Be Here. An assured and equally commanding arrangement provides the perfect backdrop for Kelly’s compelling vocal style, soulful and possessed of a raw and all-encompassing energy.

As to the meaning behind the lyrics, this is what Anna Mae Kelly had to say: “The song is about wanting to be with someone who is special to you and wanting to spend time with them, but in the times where you are not able to be with them… what do you sing??…. it’s not heartbreak… it’s not anything new… it’s just wanting them to be there again, by your side, with you.”

Anna Mae Kelly’s I Want You To Be Here is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms. Head over to Kelly’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to find out more about the artist and her music.