New Music: Antonioni – Easy Listener

  • New Music: Antonioni - Easy Listener

Seattle based Antonioni (Sarah Pasillas, Kyle Todaro, Austin Dean, Ben Dorcy) have warmed up for the release of the upcoming The Odds Were All Beating Me EP by dropping a video for the track Easy Listener.

With its muscular and melodic take on shoegaze, the song heads in to more bright and open territory than previous releases, seeing them eschew the often-introspective side of the genre to embrace a more world-affirming sense of fluidity and passion.

Vocalist and guitarist Sarah Pasillas delivers performances that help the track swoop and soar, providing moments of exhilaration but also reflection. With its blend of genres and emotions, Easy Listener is a very promising taster for the upcoming EP.

Easy Listener is out now and The Odds Were All Beating Me is released on January 10th via Den Tapes. The album is already available to order on Bandcamp.

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