Palm Springs sees Los Angeles’ indie-pop musician Ariel Beesley team up with Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge on production duties. You can hear his influence for sure, but the sound is all Beesley!

Heartbreak and healing rarely sound as good as they do on Palm Springs. The vocals have a blend of pain and defiance and shines through in every word of the lyrics, which have an air of Jarvis Cocker in their dry, observational style. I can see myself dancing around to this in a bar, nodding in agreement and appreciating the mixture of salt and survival.

Beesley had this to say about the song: “ I wrote the first part of the record when I as falling in love, and I wrote the middle of the record when I was falling out of love, was a wreck, and really fucking angry. And then I wrote the end of the record when I was falling back in love, but with myself. When I wrote Palm Springs, I felt it had that arc within it as well – you hear me going through a breakup and concluding with the idea that I’m really fucking good on my own.”

Palm Springs is out now on all major digital streaming and downloading platforms. For news on releases and upcoming gigs, check out Ariel Beesley on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.