New Music: Arthr – Balloon feat. Adam Callum

Arthr is an intriguing concept – as well as being the musical brainchild of Christian Balistrari, it’s a vehicle for his ideas about electronic & experimental music, as well as character based animation. He marries all those strands together on Balloon, which features vocals from Adam Callum.

In this animated music video, Arthr desires to keep a mysterious red balloon close but struggles to keep it within reach. Arthr explores far and wide to keep the balloon close but after chasing it relentlessly, the answer actually lies in letting go. Balistrari cites influences including Zero 7, Boards of Canada, Radiohead and UNKLE, but the immersive audio-visual nature of Arthr gives the music a rounder, deep feeling than being ‘just music’ – check out his previous release Reliving of Scenes if you like what you hear and see!

The single is currently up for pre-order on iTunes where the fist hundred orders get a limited edition figure! For those who want the figure gift, send a screenshot of the pre-order plus your name and address to!

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