Dark sounds from a sunny place is an intriguing juxtaposition, but it’s one that Florida’s Astari Nite pull off well on their new track Unfulfilled Promise.

A taster for their new album Midnight Conversations, the song channels the spirit of post-punk and new wave’s sounds into a spiky, modern form. Respectful of the past, the rumbling bass, chiming guitars and hymnal vocals create a sense of aching, of longing that is perfectly in tune with the lyrics.

It’s a sound that’ll go down well with fans of acts like Lebanon Hanover and Deine Lakaien with its balance of dark sounds and catchy riffs creating an instant appeal.

Vocalist Mychael has this to say about the overarching concept behind the lyrics:  “Infatuation is a disease that takes over the mind and pulls on your heart strings and before you know it, you find it hard to breathe and collapse. It’s truly easy to determine beauty in everything we see. Unfulfilled Promise tells a tale of obsession, a weekends worth of sadness and most of all, the truth about love for one another. At least I like to think so.”​

Unfulfilled Promise can also be streamed on Spotify. Midnight Conversations is now available for pre-order and is due out on 21st July 2018. The album features a cover of Voices Carry – we look forward to hearing what the band have done with the song!