Dresden based duo ÄTNA (singer and multi instumentalist Inéz, and drummer Demian) made a sudden, and at times shocking  impression with their debut single, Ruining My Brain. Check it out below.

It’s a piece of mood music I guess, but that mood is one of a contradictory melange of confusion and euphoria. Those elements come through strongly in the dense and diverse nature of the arrangement and instrumentation. There’s an odd dichotomy of captivity and release to the track, as the very structured, complex quality it exudes conveys a sense of turmoil and lack of control. Inéz’s vocals occupy very similar terrain, and along with the lyrics seem to delve into the darker reaches of our minds, where emotions, ideas and fears swirl under a placid, unrevealing surface.

We’ve seen a rough cut to the video for the song, and it’s something to look forward to, trust us. ÄTNA’s Ruining My Brain is out now and is available to stream or download. Be sure to check out the duo on Instagram and Facebook.