Norway’s AURORA has taken a rather political – or to be more accurate – aware and culturally relevant approach to the lyrics on her sweeping new single The Seed.

Her music has always sounded as if it was born of the mountains and streams, carrying as it does a sonic appreciation of the majesticness of nature, and its effect on us, flowing through each song. As ever, The Seed takes elements of pop, folk and rock to create her signature warm sound.

Here though, she gently but firmly takes humanity to task for the damage we are doing to the planet, not taking enough heed of the consequences, tied up as we are in more trivial affairs. Based around the refrain “you cannot eat money, oh no”, the lyrics offer a sense of hope that the world can be healed, but humanity itself may be the price.

It’s a very promising and fulfilling opener for the upcoming A Different Kind of Human album which is out on June 7th via Decca. The Seed is out now, whilst the album can be pre-saved or pre-ordered here. For more news on the single and album, check out AURORA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.