New Music: Avante Black – Blackbirds

  • New Music: Avante Black - Blackbirds

Avante Black is the creation of Norway’s Ottilia Kjulsten. Now based in London, she’s been making waves with her singles Drug Money, Make A Mess and Acid Love. She’s made it four winners in a row with the release of her new track Blackbirds, and its Katia Ganfield directed video.

The vocal performance is the first thing that strikes you about Blackbirds: as rich and languid as Lana Del Rey, and as melancholic as the dulcet tones of Susanne Sundfør, it’s like listening to magnolia blossom falling in the edge of a lake on a warm summer’s night.

The piano echoes the emotion of the lyrics and vocals, the percussion adding a sense of drama to an otherwise leisurely lullaby. Avante Black is sure to make a big impression in 2018 on the basis of this track alone.

Blackbirds is out now, and you can find more information on streaming and downloading it by following this link.  Be sure to check out her Facebook page for up to date news on gigs and more.

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