Currently based in London, Swedish-Iranian musician Ayelle has taken the broad nuances of the downtempo genre and filled them with life and vigour courtesy of the subtle soul beats and a seductively and breathy vocal delivery on new single Obvious.

Capturing some of the hazy moments engendered by love, the warm and seductive air of the track takes hold of the listener almost immediately, just like the subjects of the song surrender to passion, no matter how much they try to resist.

There’s some 90s RNB tinges that work well with the more modern shades in the arrangement, giving Obvious a sense of reassuring familiarity without sounding dated, instead bringing those elements right in to the now with what comes across as considerable ease.

It’s confident, feminist pop at its finest and is the perfect way to while away some time pondering the glory and madness of love.

Obvious is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify and all other major platforms.