New Music: aYia – Slow

  • New Music: aYia - Slow

Icelandic trio aYia have dropped a stunning taster for their self-titled debut album in the form of Slow – an intoxicating take on trip hop infused experimental electronica. It comes replete with a visually arresting video by Alexandre Souêtre.

It’s often said that trip hop has a cinematic quality to it, but Slow takes that concept and dials it up a couple of notches and then some. Think Massive Attack meeting Aphex Twin and creating a sound fit for a 3D IMAX experience and you get an idea of how the trio have taken elements of the genre and reworked it into something foreboding, expansive and enticing.

Coming off like a mix of Hollywood epic and art house psychological drama, Ásta Fanney, Kári Einarsson and Kristinn Roach have really raised the bar when creating a sound that aims to be both open and challenging, like emotions transcribed in to musical form.

Slow is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify, with the aYia album due for release via Bedroom Community on November 16th – you can find out more here.

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