New Music: B. B. Park – Asterisks

  • New Music: B. B. Park - Asterisks

New York based duo Will and Brandon are B.B. Park, who define their sound as ‘electronic bedroom pop’. Dreampop with a decidedly electronic and somewhat experimental spin, new track Asterisks is out now – you can check it out below.

Asterisks is a very chilled affair, with almost Latin club beats merging with acoustic guitar and otherworldly vocals harmonies to create an ambiance of sensual abandon and contemplation.

You can get lost in the rhythms and vocals as the found sounds and soft synths manage to make Empire of the Sun sound like purveyors of a hard dance monster. It’s a track not to be played whilst driving!

Asterisks is out now and features on Bar Pity – the duo’s self-released four track EP which you can listen to on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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