Long-time friends Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis, aka Babeheaven, say their creative partnership started casually, but when you hear Craziest Things, you’ll be glad they took things seriously.

The song will feature on their Home for Now LP which is out on the 20th of November, and is a wonderfully delightful slice of dreamy guitar pop. The spirit of Cocteau Twins and Men I Trust can be heard, most strongly in the vocals and lead guitar, but Andersen and Travis bring a sense of lightness to their own music. Even as the lyrics deal with some challenging themes and ideas, the song has a reassuring, open tone that offers comfort in its own right.

You can catch up with Babeheaven over on Facebook and Instagram. Craziest Things is out and can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other platforms – click here for more details. You can pre-order Home for Now on vinyl via this link.