Was it really as far back as March when we covered Sticking Around by Baby Beef? The months have flown by, but it does mean the band is back with another slice of left-field pop in Beautiful Hands.

Here, the Australian trio, comprising of Baby Beef (Hewett), Mumma Beef (Hayley), and Christian Values, create a pop song that manages to be both fun and serious, a very neat trick indeed. Lyrically, Beautiful Hands is uplifting and insightful, yet can talk about subjects like acceptance and laundry within seconds of each other. The song channels 80s AOR and electro pop, as the catchy backing vocal hooks and very languid main vocal performance add a layer of wit and emotion to the proceedings, even as some darker shadows seem to lurk just out of view.

The song is centred on a very positive message. Says the band about Beautiful Hands, “Self-harm scars and botched tattoos don’t make your hands any less expressive, any less thankful, any less beautiful. This song is about the emotional journey you take yourself on when learning to love your body. The highs & lows of self-confidence and the effect that has on your outlook and your relationship with the outside world. This is a pop song, not only for the nagging ghosts you shed as you get older, but the vicious, more threatening ghosts that try to take their place.”

Check out Baby Beef over on Facebook or Instagram, and throw them a follow to keep up with news about Beautiful Hands and the upcoming EP. You can also listen to the song on Spotify. Oh, and I’m rather intrigued by the fact that they have their own relish for sale on Bandcamp. Sounds spicy!

Photo by Lucinda White