London based but originally from France, dreampop artist Bambie says her music is influenced by ‘French poetry and Anglo-Saxon pop’. Sounds interesting and unusual, but it works as you can hear on Pink Flamingos.

The track bubbles with a pop sensibility, catchy hooks and a swinging rhythm taking the listener unawares, pleasurable and pithy in turn. The lyrics are drenched in meaning and metaphor, searching for answers, finding more questions and a sense of empty longing to boot.

It’s downbeat pop of sorts, or as Bambie puts it ‘a tale of young women overwhelmed and slightly broken, teaming up to make dreams out of nightmares.’

A chanson take on a chart-friendly sound, very listenable, with a hint of Amy Winehouse – more spiritually than musically it must be said – very much something to be shared with someone special, or enjoyed alone in the twilight hours.

You can also pick up the track on iTunes, with more news on releases to be found on Bambie’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.