Londoners BAXTR say they draw on the influence of 80’s bangers, 90’s guitar bands, and Britpop swagger, but from a female perspective. (The best Britpop was female led anyway!) Get a hint of what the band’s musical philosophy has in store for us on new single Feathers.

Fittingly for a song that’s both a call to arms and a celebration of womxnhood, the song nods joyfully to some classic female-fronted acts. The tight, upfront nature of Elastica, that smooth swagger of Belly, and the confident rock presence of Chrissie Hynde, are certainly bubbling through here at times. But the song has a poppy, punchy attitude, similar in style to Paramore and Pale Waves, making Feathers a fun experience above all.

Here’s what they have to say about the song: “Hell hath no fury like a womxn who refuses superficial, unrealistic, heteronormative beauty ideals constructed by a patriarchal society and perpetuated by systemic sexism and consumerism. Show… your… FEATHERS!”

BAXTR is Floss Mackintosh on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Bash Powers on lead guitars, keyboards, backing vocals; and Keiko Jackson on drums and backing vocals.

Feathers by BAXTR can be streamed on all major digital platforms, including Deezer and Spotify. Discover more listening options, and catch up with the band themselves over on BAXTR’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials.