New Music: Belau – Redefine

BELAU are a chillwave band from Hungary that made quite a splash with their debut album The Odyssey, which won the Hungarian Grammy in best electronic music album category. After a long period of touring (including festivals like Eurosonic, Reeperbahn, Sziget, Untold, and Waves Vienna), they’re finally releasing new music in the form of Redefine, which features the band’s live vocalist Szécsi Böbe.

One of the most striking features of Redefine is how effortlessly chilled the track is. The gentle percussion and softly repeating loops create a feeling of calm and inner peace, which is subtly but firmly reinforced by Szécsi Böbe’s soft, velvet like vocals. It’s a perfect sound for late nights and early mornings, when going home or going to bed are something for another hour.

Redefine is out now, streaming on Spotify and is available on all major digital outlets, as is a tester for an as yet unnamed album due out October 2018. Be sure to check out the band’s captivating live performances – you can watch clips via their official website.

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